Pro Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome

559 Participants.

576 Matches.

64 Events.

10 Promotions.

30 Years.

Eggshells tells the complete history of professional wrestling in Japan's greatest arena: the Tokyo Dome. Through historical sources and first hand personal accounts, Chris Charlton tells the complete story of every event in the building's three decades, and the promotions and people that made the Big Egg a wrestling institution.

Born in Cambridge, England, CHRIS CHARLTON emigrated to Japan in 2005. As an outlet for his passion for Japanese pro wrestling, Chris co-founded the Japanese Audio Wrestling podcast and hosted the show along with WH Park from 2012-2017.

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Recognizing a demand for English language texts covering the history of pro wrestling in Japan, Chris wrote and self published Lion's Pride: The Turbulent History of New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2015. Crowd funded through Indiegogo, the project blew through funding targets, and went on to critical and commercial success, selling in excess of 3000 copies, and ranking in the top three wrestling books in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's 2015 awards.


'A great guide to the product I broadcast every Friday night on AXS. There's never a shortage of slobberknockers!'                                                                              Jim Ross, Broadcaster/Announcer, NJPW on AXS
'Lion's Pride taught me everything I need to know about NJPW history and more'                                                                                                                                             Kevin Kelly, Broadcaster/Announcer, NJPW World 
'Chris Charlton has established himself as one of the foremost historians of Japanese professional wrestling... Lion's Pride is an invaluable resource for linking the past to the present'                                                                                          John Pollock, Editor/Host, POST Wrestling  
'Lion's Pride is the ultimate guide to NJPW. I find myself continually going back through the book to pick out interesting stories and historical perspectives'                                                                                                                               Rich Kraetsch, Editor/Host, Voices of Wrestling