Pro Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome

559 Participants.

576 Matches.

64 Events.

10 Promotions.

30 Years.

Eggshells tells the complete history of professional wrestling in Japan's greatest arena: the Tokyo Dome. Through historical sources and first hand personal accounts, Chris Charlton tells the complete story of every event in the building's three decades, and the promotions and people that made the Big Egg a wrestling institution.

Progress Report: first draft, WK12, flu

After just over a year of research and writing, EGGSHELLS was finally announced on January 2. The response was tremendously encouraging, and deeply appreciated. So what's been happening since then?

Well, this week, the flu. Having a day job and two kids there's a certain productivity to be found in being holed up in bed under doctor's orders not to interact with anyone, but the flu knocked me for six. A few medicated days on though, and I'm just about coherent. 

That means I can throw myself into finishing the first draft, which will hopefully get done this month. For the most part I've been writing chronologically, and have just started diving into the DDT empty arena match from last year which will be a really fun chapter to write. At the same time I'm nailing down a couple of extra interviews which will lend some insight into past events, as well as catching up with prior interviewees to update their thoughts in light of Wrestle Kingdom 12. 

Speaking of, WK12 was a great event. While a lot of Dome shows have had phenomenal matches surrounded by filler, I can't thing of a recent show in the building that was this consistently high quality throughout. Length became a factor for sure, and six hours without a break is a lot to take in. I was a fan of the brisk pace imposed by WK9's PPV airing, but that's one of very few bones to pick, and I'm looking forward to getting into it in detail.

Hopefully these updates will become a lot more common as long as pesky viruses don't strike again!