Pro Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome

559 Participants.

576 Matches.

64 Events.

10 Promotions.

30 Years.

Eggshells tells the complete history of professional wrestling in Japan's greatest arena: the Tokyo Dome. Through historical sources and first hand personal accounts, Chris Charlton tells the complete story of every event in the building's three decades, and the promotions and people that made the Big Egg a wrestling institution.

Progress Update 3: Golden Lovely

Having just come off of night two in Sapporo for New Beginning, Golden Lovers are the words on everybody's lips (or typing fingers, at any rate). This actually works out well for this update, since I got in touch with Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi this week, albeit separately.

Kenny has been exceptionally gracious with his time and help with EGGSHELLS and took some questions about the Chris Jericho match at WK 12. For Kota it was a catch up since the last we spoke was just after the G1.

Of the people I've had the opportunity to met and chat to in the Japanese wrestling business, nobody gives more thought to the process than Kota, and nobody is more open with their thoughts. We dug deep into the Shinsuke Nakamura WK9 match on the phone, a match I hold as the best to ever take place in the building. Kota had some interesting points to make about the length of main events in the modern era, and both he and Kenny had some very interesting insights about the globalization of Wrestle Kingdom and what that means for wrestlers and promotions. And, yes, there's a word or two about one another in there.. 

As for the rest of the book, the first draft is essentially finished. The updated Kenny and Kota insights have to be edited in there, and there's one more interview I had scheduled for this weekend but slipped a little. While it gets edited, I'm also exploring publishing options, so one way or the other I'll be able to say how exactly this thing will get printed and sold sometime soon. 

If you want something to watch with this update, how about Omega and Ibushi's Dome debuts? Both were on 2011's Wrestle Kingdom 5, representing DDT. The Golden Lovers had clinched Tokyo Sports Match of the Year with a blistering tag match against Apollo 55 in 2010, but with Prince Devitt holding IWGP Junior Heavyweight gold, Kota would get a singles shot the following January 4. That left Ryusuke Taguchi and Kenny at loose ends, meaning Taguchi had an odd partner in Koji Kanemoto, and Omega an even odder partner in Taichi.