Pro Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome

559 Participants.

576 Matches.

64 Events.

10 Promotions.

30 Years.

Eggshells tells the complete history of professional wrestling in Japan's greatest arena: the Tokyo Dome. Through historical sources and first hand personal accounts, Chris Charlton tells the complete story of every event in the building's three decades, and the promotions and people that made the Big Egg a wrestling institution.

Progress Update: How do you like your eggs?

EGGSHELLS may be effectively content complete, but it's been a busy week for the book. I'm getting daily edit notes to take action on, and then there's the Indiegogo campaign to get up and running. As details get ironed out ready for the funding to start on March 6/7, I've also been preparing a special video preview for the book and campaign, which will be revealed in due course.

While the nitty gritty of the funding will become clear soon, for now I want to explain the forms EGGSHELLS will come in on its release, provided we hit funding goals. The book will happen in some form regardless, but the better it does in the Indiegogo period, the higher quality the final release will be, and that includes being available in more and better forms. Under the initial funding goal, we're looking to make three versions of the book available:

Digital Edition This would be available on the Kindle and (hopefully) other digital storefronts. Backers will get a full fat, properly optimized digital version that will also be DRM free for your convenience.

Paperback This will be a 6''x 9'' US trade paperback size book. Exact page count can't be nailed down until it goes to the printers and I get proofs, but it looks like you'll have about 400 pages on your hands at this size, or just over one-and-a-half copies of Lion's Pride.

Victors' Edition- BACKER EXCLUSIVE. This will be a limited print run exclusively for those who back the campaign at the relevant level. While the text content will be the same as the normal edition of the book, the Victors' Edition will come with a special appendix of Shining Wizard Design art, depicting the winners of every Tokyo Dome main event.

How would you like to read EGGSHELLS? Let me know, and look forward to more details on the Indiegogo campaign as we count down to its launch in two and a half weeks.