Pro Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome

559 Participants.

576 Matches.

64 Events.

10 Promotions.

30 Years.

Eggshells tells the complete history of professional wrestling in Japan's greatest arena: the Tokyo Dome. Through historical sources and first hand personal accounts, Chris Charlton tells the complete story of every event in the building's three decades, and the promotions and people that made the Big Egg a wrestling institution.

Some housekeeping first of all. We're getting very close to hitting the 10,000 USD mark, at which point work will start on the EGGSHELLS Audiobook. Thanks for continuing to spread the word about the project.

Recording will start soon on the EGGSHELLS podcast companion, and backers should get their first episode sometime in the next week. If you back at any tier, you'll be emailed a direct link to episodes. If for you backed the project and haven't received an email directly from me, there may be an issue with the email address I have on record for you, so please let me know.

In the meantime, this week we're going to take a look at how the art gets put into EGGSHELLS. Matt at Shining Wizard Designs wrote a walkthrough of his process putting together the last picture of the book, so over to him:

For the bulk of Eggshells, source for the illustrations used has been video captures of the live feed, choosing moments that stay with me as a viewer of the show and hopefully with you as readers of the book. For the special victor's edition, I've been afforded a bit more freedom to look for photographs and poses that best represent the wrestler at the time when they won their main events. As the final image for submission, I really want to include Suzuki with his arm raised in the Tokyo Dome as he was back on the 2nd of June 2017. Fingers crossed it turns out ok...



Nearly a year and a half ago I drew the Tokyo Dome's exterior at the casual request of Chris as he embarked on writing his exhaustive, fascinating account of all the going's on in the Tokyo Dome's pro-wrestling history. The picture set my parallel project, to illustrate said goings on, in motion and it feels strange to be sat before the final picture to be submitted. It's not on the page yet, but it will be...



For this project I've given everything a fine pencil skeleton, just to avoid too many horrible mistakes. I prefer to do everything in one take with ink,but I shan't deny how time saving a pencil outline has been. Always starting with the subjects right eye and building out...



Then layering ink over the top, trying to add the depth required and hoping the subject is recoginizable...



Finally adding an extra, subtle layer of shade with fine-ink wash pens, warm grey working best on skin...



And a finished Suzuki in the Dome. This will now get scanned from a few different angles and passed on to Chris for him to choose the best for inclusion in Eggshells. This picture will then be sent to one of the wonderful supporters of the Indiegogo campaign who've backed at the appropriate tier. I can't overstate how incredibly appreciated the generous response to this project is, thank you so, so, much for pledging your hard earned money to this little book project. As one of only a few people to have read Eggshells from cover to cover, I promise you will not be disappointed by the story Chris has threaded so carefully together.